Spoken Art

Visual Art through the Lens of Poetry

This community-wide project showcases both visual and language arts, as local poets respond to the work of local artists. Poems about art—“ekphrastic” poetry—have a long, rich history. They can broaden our enjoyment and understanding of many kinds of art, of the poets’ lives and voices, and of the communities they collectively represent.

Each month we’ll feature work from a different San Mateo County artist, and invite San Mateo County residents to create poems in response. Quarterly celebrations will include a reading of selected poems, and the opportunity to meet the poets and artists, and view the artwork.

If you are a poet who lives in San Mateo County, we would love to read your poem that responds to one of our featured works of art.

Artwork for March, April & May

“Kitsune” (Fox Woman) by Half Moon Bay artist Judy Shintani“Kitsune” (Fox Woman)
by Half Moon Bay artist Judy Shintani

“Evening Rain” by La Honda artist William Dunn“Evening Rain”
by La Honda artist William Dunn

“Disappeared” by San Carlos Artist Kerith Lisi“Disappeared”
by San Carlos Artist Kerith Lisi

Your poem might be a vivid description of the artwork, your personal reactions to it, a story or conversation you see in it, or any other response it inspires in you. We look forward to reading your work!

Submissions open to San Mateo County residents.
Deadline: Friday, June 22, 2018, 5:00PM

Visit this page every month to find something new to inspire your writing!

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